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<Narrator>  It wasn’t Anaheim </Narrator> See you in Chicago in two weeks!

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I’ve had a few, I don’t know why, I don’t know when…./deep breath NO – there’ll be no singing here, thankyouverymuch Ahem.  Python moment. This blog (apart from the random attempt at reviews recently) is *well* old.    I’m back … Continue reading

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The Foreigner

This was an entertaining revenge flick.   Most Jackie Chan films are entertaining, to be fair, but don’t go into this thinking you’re getting Drunken Master or Police Story.  This is Jackie putting on one of the most understated, effective performances … Continue reading

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SuperGirl Season 3 – Episode 10 – Legion of Super Heroes

Kara’s in a coma after getting the tar beat out of her last episode by Reign but wait a minute…yay! The Legion of Super-Heroes! They’ll save the d…oh.  Wait.  No, they’re refusing. For some wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey reason.   Or rather, plot … Continue reading

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American Made

Although I was a bit bored at the beginning of the film, waiting for things to get moving, I finally realised it wasn’t a Mission Impossible film.   That’s the thing with Cruise movies these days, it can take a second … Continue reading

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If travelling through Canada in late winter and living in Boston for 2 winters has taught me one thing, it’s how to penguin walk on slippery streets. And layer clothes…two things…two things has it taught me. Also keeping heating going … Continue reading

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I wrote some words ( article prompts)

Bit of an experiment – I took a handful of recent pieces, didn’t read the articles themselves and wrote my own versions to see what they’d turn out like.  The Ready Player One photos one is probably a bit … Continue reading

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Welp…it’s been a while

I haven’t touched this blog since 2013.  How rubbish is that?  It wasn’t even connecting to the database – god knows how long for.   The banner image and description are now well out of date too – I returned to … Continue reading

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Plants arrived

A couple of anubias, a java fern and a half shell with java moss on that’ll serve as the shrimps’ playground   One 90% water change and a bit of awkward James Heriot style arm insertion and it’s good to … Continue reading

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Coming along nicely

2 weeks after I started setting up the tank, and I’ve already got some stable readings.   Hopefully they’ll persist for a couple of more weeks. Also, I took possession of a gorgeous looking piece of wood from a friend … Continue reading

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