I’ve had a few, I don’t know why, I don’t know when…./deep breath

NO – there’ll be no singing here, thankyouverymuch

Ahem.  Python moment.

This blog (apart from the random attempt at reviews recently) is *well* old.    I’m back in the UK.  I have been since 2013, just after the Boston Marathon bombing.  Which was a superb time to leave the country and leave one’s laptop behind at security at Logan airport.   2 Mass Staties, 4 TSA agents and a dog team were not happy.  But they let me off in the end and I made my flight.

In the meantime…well…that’s to come.  Or maybe not, because I’ll probably forget.

Definitely up next, however, is my Mandalorian/Braveheart mashup armour that I’m building for next year’s Celebration.  In Anaheim.  Yes, it’s Anaheim.  We all know it’s Anaheim.  Just sell the damn tickets already.

Updates soon.  Promise

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