American Made

Although I was a bit bored at the beginning of the film, waiting for things to get moving, I finally realised it wasn’t a Mission Impossible film.   That’s the thing with Cruise movies these days, it can take a second to get out of that mindset.
The tipping point for me was the change in fortune.  This is where Domnhall Gleeson starts to come into his own.  This isn’t an action film.  It’s almost a biopic.
And then…just like that…the diary style starts to work.   Previous bits felt like Guy Ritchie lite (and it actually vanishes at this point too) The escalation: of the story, Cruise’s role and Gleeson’s subtle losing control…it all starts to gel.  And we’re not even halfway through.
It’s a great commentary on greed – both from a monetary point of view and a career one.  And also the best Oliver North-alike I’ve ever seen.  But it’s a very disjointed film.  There’s no through line at all, even though the Escobar connection tries.  I’d have liked to have seen more about the fleet Seal assembled for his double dealing.
In all, 6/10.
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