Welp…it’s been a while

I haven’t touched this blog since 2013.  How rubbish is that?  It wasn’t even connecting to the database – god knows how long for.   The banner image and description are now well out of date too – I returned to Edinburgh from Boston that very year (a couple of weeks after the marathon bombing in fact. That was a coincidence, though, the flight had been booked for months.)

So it’s “fix it” day so I can start wittering on again and generally be narcissistic.  I might actually put up some “proper” writing <gasp> or some movie/tv reviews.  Who knows what giddy heights I might reach.  I’ve sorted out the db connection, various plugins, updates and whatnot and it all seems to be working ok.   I’ll need to change that banner too, but no rush (I still kinda like it).  And get some more photographs into Flickr.  And finish up those 10 year old (!) travel diaries.  And.  And…

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