Where to begin…

At the beginning, you would think. Unfortunately for me, I don’t know where the beginning…well, “begins”. There are a couple of moments in the last year that could conceivably be considered a natural place to start this tale but, the problem is, for me, at any rate, that I no longer trust my memory. Or any of my senses, come to that.

Thus, whilst I have a number of options, I don’t know which are real, and which are a result of what was done to me. Hopefully this will make more sense as things unfold but, if not, then I can only apologise. Lets face it, it barely makes sense to ME, and I’m the one with all the facts. And, of course, I’m not technically sane. So I’m told.

There is one moment that seems to resonate with a bit more clarity than the rest, however. For want of a better measure, I might as well start there.

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2 Responses to Where to begin…

  1. Le Gazman says:

    We’re listening, mate!

  2. Graham says:

    😀 I think you’ve missed a particular tag, pal 😉 Appreciate the sentiment, though :p

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